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Illustrator, scenographer, 3d artist and teacher of graphic design and photoshop, working for some of the leading publishing houses, advertising agencies and national and international brands. Selected several times for the awards of the prestigious Illustrators' Annual. In 2004 he was included in the Bravo-Italian exhibition catalog of Grimm Press Taiwan among the 40 best Italian illustrators. In 2010 he was awarded the Special Star for illustration in the Mediastars competition for the Venice Casino's institutional campaign. Computer Arts magazine included him in its 2012 Graphic Arts Report as one of the most representative talents of the visual arts in Italy. From 2015 to 2018 he is a member of the board of directors of the Association of Image Authors (AI). 
In 2016, in parallel with his work as a set designer and 3d artist for NJM, an independent production company, he began his very personal research by making portraits of iconic characters using the most unthinkable of palettes: our Earth!


I strongly believe in the power of collaboration, and I am convinced that the full potential can only be unleashed when it is stimulated by teamwork. 
That is why in 2020 I founded Italian Art Design by bringing together a group of artists, illustrators and designers who have been friends and colleagues for a long time.
With some of them over the years I have developed several collaborations, which are now well established.
The goal is to be able to respond to different visualization needs in a variety of fields, strengthened by the years of experience at high levels of the team members.

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